The right choice of keywords are an essential element to conducting a successful Adwords campaign and to maximise your PPC  advertisements. Your keywords are based around the search words used by your  customers so you need to get inside their heads to build up a good list.

Think like your customers
Understanding how your customers search for products like yours is essential to running a good ad campaign. List all the possible words, variations and phrases that people might use when referring to your product or service. What would they enter into a Google search box to find your goods?

Be specific 
Use accurate, specific words, look for targeted words that precisely describe what you are selling. Avoid using wide ranging phrases and unrelated words simply to generate traffic. These people, although visiting your site will have done so by mistake and are not likely to be interested in what you are selling. Concentrate your efforts on those people who are already prepped and looking to buy.  Key phrases are the best way of attracting the ideal visitor. If you produce“handmade natural fibre jumpers” then people looking for a hand crafted jumper from natural fibres will more likely be directed to your site. This is likely to be more successful than using the words individually. 
Keyword variations 
No one person will use the exact same phrase or keywords so think about local and regional variations that may influence someone’s search criteria. It is also common these days for people to use American as well as British English, such as colour or color. Colloquialisms and common misspellings and both singular and plural variations of a word can also be a source of useful keywords.  If your product is well-known by a particular reference name or serial number these should be included too.
Negative keywords 
Removing negative keywords is also a productive way of filtering out people who will not be interested. If you sell spectacle glasses and not wine glasses put wine and any other drinking glass references down as a way of discounting irrelevant searches. By adding a minus sign to your keyword list you will automatically remove unwanted words from searches.  So “-drinking” would remove people searching for drinking glasses but leave those looking for designer glasses still on the list.

Understand Google match options 
Google Adwords matching options are “broad”, “phrase”. “exact”and “negative” and will trigger your advert when the differing choices are used to search. Broad is the default and includes any word in any order. Phrase will  exactly match groups of words to your selected phrase list and will only trigger an ad if the search contains the selected phrase. Exact matches will only work when the precise phrase you select is typed into the search, this gives you the best possible chance of converting your PPC advertisements as these people are most likely looking for your product.


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