If you are new to the idea of Pay Per Click Advertising then it can seem like a nightmare to organise and manage. Here are five tips and pieces of advice to make sure you get the most from your campaigns. 

Directing visitors to your home page
If for instance you organise an advertising campaign with the keyword phrase“iPhone 5”, which you sell from a website. Whenever people search for iPhone 5, and click on your Adwords advert they are redirected to your websites homepage. The problem with this is that they will then have to search through the site to find the product they were initially interested in buying. A more practical way is to direct customers to the exact product page they are interested in or create a separate landing page that offers all the information about the item they are keen to buy. 

Directing customers to your contact page
Some businesses believe that it is best to direct potential customers to a contact page where they try to encourage them to divulge their email address or get them to subscribe to a newsletter. AS well as frustrating visitors this will also infringe Adwords guidelines and may lead to the suspension of your adverts. 

Not acquainting yourself with “Split-testing” 
Understanding how customers read adverts and what format works best is the art of split testing. You can set up a number of versions of your advert to determine which format receives the best responses.  It is common for PPC engines to allow split
testing to evaluate your wording and layout. Some sites do have automatic, predictive test algorithms. Although these will give you results, they are less reliable than actual real time testing. 

Rely on“Broad Match” filters
A “Broad Match” filter will display keyword ads whenever a whole or part words of a keyword phrase is searched upon. While this offers a great deal of potential traffic, it can also reduce the overall quality of your potential responses. If for example your
keywords are “homemade wine glasses” a broad match will most likely give you  good results on anyone searching this phrase. However, it will also give you  results for people looking at“sun glasses” and “homemade beer kits”. Both of which are not your target audience and likely to cost rather than make you money. 

Not using“Negative Keywords”
Failing to use negative keywords can also be a fatal error. If you include the phrases like “homemade beer kits” and “sun glasses” within your negative keyword list you will automatically exclude your adverts from people searching these irrelevant
phrases. To successfully do this you need to fully understand the mind set of  your customers and the terms they are likely to use.



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