There have been a number of recent changes to Google Adwords and if you rely on successful PPC management for your company promotion then refreshing your memory on Dynamic Search Ads is a good idea. 

How does it work?

Dynamic Search Ads allows Google to target relevant searches with specific adverts generated from your website that enhance the searchers results. Google, when crawling your website can automatically generate an advert with a relevant headline, matching the search query for interested people. Taking the query, Google produce adverts from the matching page on your website and directly target the searcher.

Why use Dynamic Searches?

Dynamic searches are a way of enhancing your existing PPC campaigns, using your existing keywords but by giving you extra click exposure and an increased likelihood of converting visitors. At times an Adwords campaign can contain thousands of keywords or key phrases and even then you can still miss out on important words.

It can be a difficult and confusing process and occasionally you may miss items on your product line or not realise how your catalogue and services have altered. Dynamic Searches constantly check your website and produce adverts that reflect the current state of your site and product line keywords. As you are trying to anticipate people’s behavioural patterns it will come as no surprise to experienced marketeers that this is at best a difficult process.

PPC Maintenance

The use of Dynamic Search Ads does not mean you lose control of your campaigns as you are still able to optimise, undertake multiple targeting and the option to include negatives or exclusions with criteria. However, it gives you the ability to see how your product lines are developing and create targeted adverts specifically aimed at your audience.

The usefulness of Dynamic Search Ads is in the fact that they turn your whole website into a keyword list and automatically create relevant adverts, designed to match a searchers choices. The advert criteria can be based on specific categories, certain words, predetermined word stings and word combinations found on website URLs, titles and pages.

You will also still be able to analyse and read reports based on your adverts performance giving you a clear indication of ranking, CPC and the ability to read the generated ads and assess their usefulness and effectiveness. Dynamic search ads are an option that allow you to keep your adverts fresh and current, containing information pertinent to searches and taken from your most up to date product list. 



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