Over the last 12 months there has been a dramatic rise in the level of advertising through Google Adwords and to maximise your PPC management you need to be on top of the major changes that have been brought into the system.

From price bidding, site linking, ppc management, filtering and analytics, Google has updated and introduced lots of new features to improve the Adwords experience and generate increased business.

Here are five of the top changes that may directly affect your Adwords marketing campaign:

Location based targeting -  Lately there has been a focussing of location and targeting by search engines and they are increasingly trying to capitalise on localised searching.  Google have also included this as an option within your choices when setting up CPC advertising campaigns on Adwords. The ability to put postcodes, suburbs and towns into your criteria should mean a more effective system.

Dynamic search ads- This recent feature allows Adwords to check your site and create adverts based on what Google discovers.  These ads are only displayed with keywords that don’t match your existing account. It allows you to keep up to date with developments on your site as they happen.

Offer extensions: You can now include redeemable offers beneath your ad headlines, instead of simply having a stock in trade phrase. Google will then create an advert that can be claimed and monitored through Adwords. These can be simple online offers redeemed against purchases or In-store offers where after viewing an ad, should they like the deal, they print off the details and take it directly to the shop.

Adwords for video: One real boom area currently popular with merchants is the targeting of YouTube viewers and you are missing out on lots of opportunities if you are neglecting this area of business. YouTube is one of the Top 5 websites on the internet and receives millions of visitors daily. Google now allows you to conduct Adwords marketing of your products directly on video clips, to the audience, as they watch.

Shopping and Product Listing Ads: How you set up your Adwords account will determine where you appear in the Google shopping results. Formally known as “Froogle” and was easy to create using a free merchant account centre. However, Google have since incorporated this directly into Adwords and now retailers have to include these adds as a part of their online Adwords marketing strategy. 


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