Enhanced Campaigns is the lastest development in Google Adwords and looks set to improve business returns for online marketeers. The idea is based around the fact that in the modern world people are constantly on the move, linking through various devices and always on the lookout for new shopping experiences, places to meet and things to do.

Customer enhanced experience

Enhanced Campaigns is Google Adword’s most up to date way of customising your marketing to touch base with people on a very real and personal level.  It allows you to amend your bids and target audience depending on the time of day, location and device your potential customers are likely to be using.

The premise behind Enhanced Campaigns is to allow online marketeers to adjust their promotions across various parameters during the day through a single ad campaign to create personalised ads that reach your niche audience directly at a time when they are most receptive.

It is possible to select multiple ads and by setting particular adjustments relating to your product or service, Adwords will select the most relevant ads to appear during that specific period. What this does, in Google’s eyes, is to provide the best responses to a search engine query no matter where or what device a customer is using.

Smarter Ads hitting the right note

The use of enhanced advertising means that a potential customer will receive the right ad format at the right time meaning you reach people when they are specifically looking for you, with the correct information form. A website with a high street presence for drop-in shopping and a website for on-line purchases can run a single campaign that will inform customers on the move where the shop is and what’s available, while also telling those sat at home on their desktops how to buy online from the website. This can be linked to shop opening hours and will only contact mobile customers during times when the outlet is open for business.

Tracking conversions

The use of multiple devices can lead to a difficulty in tracking conversions.  Customers may contact a business via one service for downloading an app, then using another device make contact. Advance reporting enables a company to see where business is generated, duration of conversations and log the resultant business activity. Conversion monitoring is the ideal way to assess marketing strategies and decide which enhanced features and bidding filters best suit your business.

The internet responds better to ads that appear to match their needs when they are searching. Blanket advertising only serves to dissuade customers but a well worked, targeted ad that reaches their mobile device at the right time is more likely to receive a positive response. Social networking and targeted marketing are all pervasive and without considered and measured exposure you run the risk of alienating your audience and losing potential sales opportunities. Enhanced campaigns let you filter your marketing, ensuring you hit the receptive client more often.


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