CPC Management and Location Based Targeting

Search engines such as Google and Bing are focusing efforts more actively on location based searches and lending more prominence to local targeting.  This way searches are more likely to be in the area of interest for which individuals are looking. You can now target your Adwords audience by country, region or even the city where you operate your business.

Geographical CPC targeting

When you run an advertising campaign targeting a specific geographical area then Google will assess your advert to make sure viewers are relevant. This will include people from outside the specified area if the search is requesting something from a particular town, region or country. This happens if the person includes a specific location in their search, the search area is within Google Maps or sets a custom location on Google search results.

So if you live in London and are looking for restaurants in Edinburgh you are likely to also see adverts targeted at customers living in Edinburgh.

A location of interest will only work properly if the searcher is in the same location they are searching. If you search designer shops Wales from Italy you will not receive ads from the UK, you will however, if searching on Google.it find Italian based adverts appearing.

Domain Location

Each country has its own unique Google domain name, which makes it easier to determine specific ad locations when searching. So Britain is Google.co.uk, Google.fr is France and Google.com is the USA.

Physical Location

A searchers physical location is determined by their IP address (Internet Protocol) This is based on an individual code given by the Internet Service Provider to each computer connected to the internet.


The system within Google Adwords also allows marketeers to use precise locations within their marketing strategies by pinpointing their locations, specifically “bricks and mortar” sites using geoloctions. Including postcodes within your CPC advertising allows you to indicate exactly where you are and the surrounding area you are targeting. While this may not be true for all businesses, those requiring customers to visit the premises, such as restaurants or hairdressers, geotagging is an excellent addition. No one is going to travel from New York to Milton Keynes to have their hair cut but locals are always looking out for good outlets on their doorstep.

Google Enhanced Adwords offers customers the chance to adjust, bid and customise their campaigns to suit their target audience. This is particularly true of marketing to mobile devices and Enhanced Adwords and along with location based targeting this will help generate a better degree of PPC service levels.


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