You should regularly check your Adwords campaigns as part of your PPC maintenance and to see how your various marketing ploys are working. 

Keyword Cost

Keywords cost is one of the most important factors on your account and by filtering your keywords tab by this you can check how much words are costing. This way you can see if a keyword is paying for itself or eating up your marketing budget.  If a keyword is using a lot of your advertising money you need to make sure you are getting a good return on your investment.

Check conversion tracking

This allows you to track a keywords conversion rate. However, if you do not have a conversion tracker then look over your Google Analytics page. Check on the duration and number of pages for visitor activity, this will give you a good idea of how interesting people find your pages. 

 Ad status

Regularly monitor your Ads tab status for disapproved or ads under review. Google made lots of changes and increasingly people are falling foul of the rules. Hover over the ad and a reason for the ads removal will be displayed. This gives you the chance to edit the offending ad or remove it all together. 

Click Through Rates

Check keyword click through rates (CTR) as low rates can hold back other keywords within a particular group. You can attach a filter that prevents keywords being used once they drop below a certain percentage.  Added to this should also be the parameter that this is only for keywords with a sizeable impression rate, for example of over 100.

Keyword status

Here, Google can also disapprove particular keywords, so regularly keep an eye on your keyword status to ensure none are being stopped. Filtering from the keywords tab on disapproved or under review will bring up any problem words.

Average position

A strong advertising campaign requires an average position or better, so by monitoring for anything with a rating of 3 or less can be filtered out. This will ensure that you keep a strong CTR for ads. Also check first page estimates, as bids that fall below the average may need attending to.

Email checks

Setting up an email alert is an important way of being informed if there are any problems or issues with your account. This way you can attend to them quickly and keep your Adwords campaign running without any disruption.

Query Searches

By analysing your queries you will be able to determine what keywords are producing the best results and which ones should be given negative keyword status if they are impeding your ads.  Identifying good CTR, low costs and conversions are important checks you should conduct weekly to maintain an active and productive Adwords account.



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