If you are still finding your way around Google’s marketing programme Adwords, PPC Management, keywords can seem very confusing. There is every likelihood that you are making some fundamental errors in your use of Adwords and unnecessarily wasting some of your valuable marketing budget.

Here are five common errors that people new to Adwords, and sometimes experienced marketiers make when promoting their wares and services.

Non targeted locations

You may only wish to advertise yourself within a particular area and if you do not specify your requirements, Google’s default setting is worldwide. For arguments sake, if your target area is “Midlands, UK” and you do not specify this, your adverts will be seen as far away as Hawaii and Melbourne. All of whom will not require a local pizza delivery service based in Milton Keynes.

To fix this select the locations settings and highlight your desired circulation pattern. If you require an even more target campaign, under the advanced settings choose “only target people in my target area”.

Overpay for clicks on mobile devices

To avoid this ensure that you have a version of your website that is optimised for mobile and tablet use. If you cannot arrange to have a mobile friendly version of your website created, then elect to switch off mobile devices in your Adwords campaigns. If your site works fine on mobile devices then you can target these separately and gauge the responses in isolation. You will find you save yourself money in the long run.

Optimising Google Ads

The default setting on Adwords is to optimise for clicks, which shows the ads with the highest clickthrough rates (CTR). The best solution here is to set your ads so that they rotate evenly during your campaign and naturally increase your CTR for the best results.

Ad extensions

There are many different ad extensions on offer from Google and for the uninitiated this can be confusing and easier just to ignore. These do have a proven effect on CTR so it is time well spent if you try to understand them more fully.

To fix this you can add such extensions as Sitelink, where you can included between six and ten additional sites to your ad campaign. Call extensions for mobile devices are also useful, while local extensions will target your traffic better.

Landing pages

Landing pages need to be direct and straight to the point. They need to have an immediate “call to action” to catch customers attention. This is best achieved by creating specific PPC landing pages that are clear and punchy indicators of intention to viewers.



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