Google has realised that one way to get people interested and motivated to use Google Adwords campaigns is by making their administration easier. The more straightforward it is to adjust PPC management the more likely it is that customers will set up and use their accounts. One of the more useful features that Adwords has in its armoury is the ability to automate bidding rules.

A time consuming area of campaign management is the monitoring and amending of PPC settings, enabling or pausing certain keywords, raise bids or change the max CPC bids . This can be accomplished automatically by establishing your own personal criteria that kick in when specific circumstances occur.

Enhanced PPC management

This is not meant as a way of bypassing your PPC management practices but one of more effectively responding to changes in the marketplace and a way of optimising your bids. You will still be required to carry out search query reports and ad optimisation to maintain your sales but the system can take over micro management of your site.

Before setting up any automation rules for your account you need to install conversion tracking and have a site which is generating sufficient traffic. If you are only achieving one conversion a day, it may be too low for the system to make much difference. To set up bidding formula, select the “My Account” tab and click on “Create Rule for Keyword”.

Bid rules

What you are looking to set up are rules that allow your Adwords account to function more effectively and not create chaos if left alone. 

Useful ideas for rules can include-

1)      Pausing keywords that have had 100+ clicks with no conversions.

2)      Bid up keywords with a cost/acquisition (CPA) rate below £20 by 10%

3)      Bid up keywords on lower placed keywords, say position 7 or lower by 10%

Rule change frequency

What marketiers tended to do traditionally was to regularly record keyword performance on an Excel spread sheet and then once a month manually implement the desired account changes. By using the automated system you can probably save around two hours of your day in monitoring and updating of keyword bidding changes. The system also allows you to conduct this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, so you are still in control as to how often your account is updated.

Also be careful over the frequency of your updates, a normal rule of thumb is to select 90 day periods for the analysing of data and weekly implementation of the rules. This is long enough to gauge an accurate traffic flow on the account and not too short that your bids are changing every other day.


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