If you are starting out in business or have just launched a website and are worrying about the lack of traffic to your site or business then Google Adwords could provide the ideal solution. Setting up an Adwords campaign isn’t as complex as it may seem and by using pay per click management you are able to reach out directly to your target customers.

Opening an account

The first thing you need with any Google service is a Google account, this can be accomplished straight from the Adwords tab, under the Business Services link at the bottom of the main Google page. The process is straightforward and self-explanatory, however it is important that you have your credit card details to hand when setting up the account so that you can pay for the advertisements. 

Starting a Campaign

Each advertising campaign can be separated into various Ad Groups, each containing a different selection of keywords relevant to your business. Initially it is a good idea to keep your Ad Groups to a single manageable one and add more as your confidence grows.

By clicking on the “campaign” tab and selecting “new campaign” you’ll be on your way. The next choice is between directing your ads to Search networks (users searching on Google) or Display networks (third parties with Adsense on their websites). Selecting both will give you a larger exposure but cost more and Search is aimed at those looking for your particular keywords.

Campaign Name

Next you can choose the name of your campaign and select the type and style of coverage you desire. Here you can decide on whether to promote to desktops, tablet or mobile devices, select targeted locations, towns, postcodes etc and whether to include or exclude particular destinations or areas outside a predetermined radius.


The cost of your campaign is split into two parts, the Bid (how much you will pay per click on your advert) and the Budget per Day. If you select 50 cents, then every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay fifty cents. The Budget per Day allows you to control your daily expenditure so that successful ads do not run away with themselves and cost you a small fortune.

The amount you bid will also determine how well your ad ranks in user searches, higher paying bidders are more likely to feature in the #1 position.

Ad Creation

There isn’t much space to fill but you need to carefully use every inch of it. The title only has 35 characters as does the two description lines. This is where you make your customer pitch so think about your wording. Below this is where you enter your keywords, if you are unsure of what your best words are use Google’s Keyword Tool for ideas.  It will give you a vast selection of alternatives, an idea of cost and possible traffic.

Once again you will be asked to bid on your ad group, initially it’s best to leave it the same as your default bid. Save the new ad group and you are away.

Monitoring Ads

You will also be able to monitor, track and refine your ads, checking the PPC advertisement performance and either bidding higher, changing or deleting the poor ones. 



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