What is Pay Per Click?

Most of us know that Pay Per Click is the latest way of earning a few quick bucks over the internet. However, not many know that it is a very effective segment of Internet advertising and is one of the best ways of attracting web traffic to a website. Normally it is the publisher (who may also be the website owner) who pays the cost per click.

Pay Per Click or PPC is a very effective and lucrative strategy of doing search engine optimization since the advertisers pay for clicking on keywords and keyword phrases that are significant and relevant to that business. Normally, the payment is based on number of clicks and is not dependent on the bidding system. The number of clicks on the advertisement is of course dependent on the relevancy of the website (with regards to content) on which the ad is displayed.

Pay Per Click Marketing?

PPC marketing is fast catching up all over the world and the UK is no different. Many local business persons are realizing the importance of having PPC for their websites. There are many options for PPC in Milton Keynes. However, you have to be very careful in selecting the right company. After all, you are not only trusting someone with your money but also with helping you expand your business. Check for the professional experience and expertise of the staff before hiring the company. They should ideally help you

·         Prepare your advertisement & campaign

·         Optimize it by 60 factors & metrics (match type, keywords, ad copy, quality score, CTR, scheduling etc)

·         Set it relevantly to your business.

·         Deliver within Budget

·         Assess budget savings or Increased click volume

The success of your website from point of view of PPC ultimately depends on these factors.

Why use professional companies for PPC?

Many times you may try PPC on your own but if you haven’t learnt all the strategies of PPC then it is highly unlikely that you will meet with roaring success. Only professionals can handle the Google Sandbox that amateurs come across in their effort to do self PPC – you should always check your site is Adwords ready before you start.

Besides, PPC needs professional and expert handling in order to achieve what it has been made for. If you wish to have online presence for your business then using professional services for PPC should be looked upon as a good business investment; an investment that will reap you high rewards once the PPC gets going.

Professional PPC companies will not only help raise the competitive level of your business but will also draw the web traffic that is targeted for your business.

The simple facts are this.  People try and manage a very complex set of advertising rules and software themselves, see some results and become reliant on traffic and conversion, sometimes for years.  Then the rules change and your CTR drops under 1% (or 99% wastage) and your business suffers.

All Internet Marketing companies target CTR.  "Click Through Rate" as a measurement of how successful a campaign is.
Think of it this way - "You will never sell Dog Food to Elephants".   a 1000 ad impressions will get you maybe 1 click or 0.10% CTR.

Do the same but target Dog Homes and your CTR will grow.  The higher it gets, the more likely you will get an action, maybe a sale.  Capital Web Marketing target keywords that will deliver “double digit” CTR, often over 20%

We typically save clients 55% of their immediate budget, but quote 30-40% of savings.  A recent client of ours saved £26,000 a month or 36% of budget IN THEIR FIRST MONTH.  We will work hard over the next few months to ensure this clients campaign saves even more and becomes more effective.

If your bamboozled – we can help!  Provide us your Adwords account number or send us an invite via Adwords >>Account>>Account Access and grant [email protected]

Why?  So we can give you 2 simple metrics you will understand.  £x saving per year + Extra traffic.  We’ll send you a report on how you compete and from then, its your decision to move forward.

We have clients with £250 a month advertising budget.  Equally our larger clients spend £100,000’s in Adwords – because its effective, direct and fast.

Call the professionals now and start saving 30-40% of your budget & get more inquiries – Telephone 0208 133 0765



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